sport- und recreation centre in stattegg

Stattegg’s sports stadium is a model complex built in connection with a study on multifunctional leisure and sports facilities with an integrated energy strategy. The outcome ot the project is the combination of a wooden module system with optimized multifunctional room uses which also involves the overlapping of functions. Because of the difficult topography, poor access to and orientation of the existing sports ground and the incorrect position of the clubhouse, the site was completely reorganized. The new two-storey stadium with solar panels on its roof is now situated along the southwest side of the pitch. Reflecting the wedge shape of the site, the stand is triangular in shape: wide at the entrance area that all visitors have to pass through, and narrower towards the rear. The façade facing away from the pitch resembles a residential building and blends in with the surrounding architecture. While the players’ changing and sanitary rooms are accommodated on the lower floor, the upper floor has been designed so that virtually all functional units have at least two uses. In the centre is the restaurant area, which takes the form of a free-standing red cube inserted beneath the large stadium roof. The kitchen, serving hatch and sanitary block can also be used during matches, while the football clubroom is also available as a restaurant extension. The area adjoining this and the associated infrastructure are shared by several different clubs. Simple, confidently used and in some cases brightly coloured materials make the building an iviting new village centre. Well received by Stattegg’s residents, it not only looks good, but it is also cost-effective.


location 8046 Stattegg - Austria:
client: Gemeinde Stattegg KEG – Orts- und Infrastrukturentwicklungs- Kommanditerwerbsgesellschaft
master builder: Fa. Kulmer Bau
planning and site supbervision: Hohensinn Architecture
structural analysis pre-structural analysis: Lorenz Consult, Graz
solar technology: Arge Erneuerbare Energie, Gleisdorf
building services: TB Pickl & Partner
master builder / wood construction: Fa. Kulmer Holzleimbau, Hart bei Pischelsdorf
outdoor spectator facilities: 150 covered seats / 150 standing seats
usable floor space: 498 m² (379 m² heated, 119 m² unheated supplementary space)
playing surface area outdoor: 12500 m²
start of planning: 04/2001
start of construction: 10/2002
completion: 05/2003
net cost of construction: EUR 625000,-

prize: IOC/IAKS AWARD 2005 in silver
prize: IPC/IAKS Special Award 2005 for handicapped accessible sports facilities (the only international architecture prize for sports and leisure facilities already in use).
prize: Geramb Good Planning and Building Award 2006