prison heidering

The new development of Heidering prison anticipates secure capacity for 648 male inmates in 3 X-shaped facilities and also includes a complex of buildings for ‘work facilities’. Several central considerations have shaped the design concept for the
prison: an economical approach through taking prevailing topographic circumstances into account, compact buildings, short connecting routes and a short security perimeter. Furthermore, creation of the spatial conditions necessary for a secure, humane prison regime and optimum working conditions. The establishment of distinct, high quality open areas for periods of exercise and recreation, areas in which the changing seasons can be experienced properly by inmates. These considerations have led to an urbanistic concept with a ‘justice expressway’ at the centre – a roofed glass walkway connecting all parts of the prison.


location: 14978 Großbeeren, Germany
client: province Berlin
representation: Senate Department for urban development
project management: SPM Stein Projektmanagement
capacity: 648 inmates

site area: 21.7 hectare
usable floor space: ca. 28000 m²
start of planning: 10/2007
start of construction: 06/2010
completion: 2012
total building costs: EUR 117.9 Mio.