impulse centre zeltweg

Impulszentrum Zeltweg – part of the Holzinnovationszentrum Zeltweg based here – fulfils several functions: it offers an area for events and exhibitions and also provides offices and infrastructure to young entrepreneurs. A second building serves as the timber construction company’s headquarters, with its operating facilities located in the direct vicinity. The two-storey building complex is situated just outside Zeltweg, to the north of and slightly set back from the Murtalbundesstrasse, which made it possible to create an attractive forecourt and visitor parking area. Both buildings are positioned at right angles to each other and connected by a shared forecourt. Because of the different requirements, the floor plans differ substantially: located in the eastern, almost square buildings of the timber construction company, the offices are grouped around an atrium, which ensures optimal daylighting within the interior rooms and circulation zones and thus ideal recreational and social areas in the centre of the building. A flexible office structure, contact between storeys, and a bright, friendly atmosphere were key parameters that were implemented with the aid of this organisational structure. The western, elongated building is divided into two areas on the ground floor. Immediately in the entrance area is the reception, meeting room, catering area, and the generous two-storey hall for events and exhibitions, available as shared infrastructure to all companies with rented premises here. Accessible on both storeys and via a central corridor are the individual offices, whose size and structure can be adapted to specific requirements. The structure is a timber frame system with glulam supports and beams and stacked wood ceilings. This simple construction was used for reasons of time and costs but also because it allows maximum flexibility of floor plans and, therefore, use. Horizontal wooden slats are used as structural wood preservation and also, in part, for sunshading. The façades of the event hall are shaded with vertical elements. Thanks to the compact design of the buildings, appropriate thickness of insulation, and a favourable ratio of glass to wood surfaces, it was possible to achieve almost low-energy standards despite the minimal technical infrastructure.


adress: 8740 Zeltweg, Austria
client: Innofinanz – Steiermärkische Forschungs- und Entwicklungsförderungsges mbH.
user building1: Johann Pabst Holzindustrie
user building2: Holzcluster Steiermark – Holzinnovationszentrum
site area: 5.000 m²
built up area: 1.222 m²
usable floor space: 2.016 m²
start of planning: 11/2005
construction: 09/2006 – 06/2007
completion: 06/2007
building cost net: EUR 2,6 Mio.
structural consultant: JR Consult ZT GmbH, Graz
construction physics: Rosenfelder & Höfler, Graz
building services: TB Ing. Wilfried Ogrisek, Graz, PMC project management
construction supervision: Baukoord, Graz
supervision consultant: TB Ing. Hammer GmbH, Fohnsdorf

styrian timber construction award 2011: timber construction award for technical performance.