house w, bad aussee

A development plan had already been approved and a cellar already completed for Haus W when the client applied for replanning / new planning two years after construction had stopped. Because the site had been classified back to meadow land, the new plans were not allowed to exceed the cubature originally approved by the building authorities, and the cellar protruding out of the slope had to be preserved as is. The new design is based on characteristic regional proportions and materials, and the ensemble-like layout created by the position of garage, entrance and main building also follows local circumstances. A plain, two-storey timber house with steep gable roof was placed on the existing semi-basement, its compact form reminiscent of agricultural buildings. Two veranda-like annexes were appended to the simple building on the ground floor, that also follow the local vernacular. They add to the usable space without destroying the high, slender appearance of the building. The northern veranda contains a porch and library, the southern veranda, a kitchen and dining area. Shutters and a espalier wall on the south side, that runs across the glazed cellar wall and veranda as sun filter and screen, lends an aloof character. The floor plans were kept as open-plan as possible. Necessary installations such as storage room or stairs were treated as sculptural elements and divide the space into different areas. The stairs ascend with the slope, on the top floor the entire floor area is zoned by a wall, sliding doors, and a walk-in cupboard. As enclosed as the house may appear towards the outside, the more important the view. Exactly placed, variously sized openings forge a strong link to the surroundings and frame the client’s favourite landscape vistas.


adress: 8990 Bad Aussee, Austria
planning: hohensinn architektur
team: Karlheinz Boiger
master builder: Kohlbacher Holzbau, Langenwang
structural consultant: Franz Mitter-Mang, Waldkraiburg
site area: 2.050 m²
floor area: ca. 240 m²
built-up area: 230 m²
start of planning: 05/1999
start of construction: 10/1999
completion: 08/2000

prize: geramb good planning and building award 2001
recognition award in the category single familiy houses: styrian timber construction award 2001
Preisträger: Geramb-Dankzeichen für gutes Bauen 2001