house h, graz

Adjoining the skirt of a wood in Graz, the detached house with an accessory flat snakes its way down the north-west slope in the form of a white strip. The theme of the design is folding from the inside out. All important rooms radiate from the central kitchen. The alternation of projections and setbacks from the structuring strip creates a flowing spatial unit that incorporates the outside area into the house. Freely arranged around the central kitchen are the bedroom with bathroom, and walk-in cupboard, the open living-room with library, the dining area facing onto the pool in the garden, and the utility area with workrooms and storerooms. Three separate units for the children are arranged equally along the spacious roof terrace on the top floor, thus forming a separate area for the youngsters with an unobstructed view of the area around Graz. The bottom floor, with completely separate access, houses a three-room flat. The terracing of the slope allows undisturbed coexistence of the residents on this site.


location: 8044 Graz, Austria
planning: hohensinn architektur
team: Karlheinz Boiger, Marto Pritz
construction firm: Wolf Bauges mbH., Graz
master builder: Pfeiffer, St. Anna am Aigen
geological survey, structural consultant: DI Peter Lechner, Graz
site supervision: Wiehn ZT GmbH, Graz
site area: 1.400 m²
usable floor space: ca. 500 m²
building area: ca. 380 m²
start of planning: 2003
start of building: 2005
completion: 09/2006