lannach municipal centre

By building a number of centrally located residential and commercial buildings, the municipality of Lannach has begun creating a new, spatially defined town centre. The buildings are positioned so as to open up a square situated transverse to the high street, partially designated as a pedestrian zone. The new municipal centre now occupies the site beyond the high street, thus extending the square, with its U-shaped floor plan, mimicking the existing development, and completing the ensemble that forms this area. The uniform paving links the existing and the new square, thus formulating a clearly defined town centre. The building is formed of two interconnected angles. The ground-floor section houses the citizens’ service, library and catering facilities. The two-storey section of the building houses the municipal offices, with registry and conference hall, and the office rooms on the upper floor. The large translucent canopy roof, integrated into the building, forms the covered forecourt of the municipal centre. The hub of the building is the spacious foyer, that is both a centre of communication and information and links all functional areas, that may also be used separately as required. On the upper floor is another open waiting area, with the individual, internally connected municipal office rooms arranged around it. The bright, fluid effect is characterised by glass partitions and individual white cubes containing discreet meeting rooms. The covered forecourt can be used for a variety of events. A bench along the façade and – slightly offset from the south side – the equally covered restaurant terrace, sheltered from the wind wind, are pleasant places to dwell. Structurally, the municipal centre is a highly thermally insulated reinforced concrete structure with a ventilated façade of large-format panels. The two-storey section of the building is dimensioned to allow an additional storey if required. Regarding the choice of materials and energy supply, aspects of longevity and sustainability play a key role. A geothermal pump heats and cools the municipal centre in an ecologically friendly manner. The controlled office ventilation system ensures a high degree of energy recovery and, in combination with chilled ceilings, creates ideal working conditions for staff.


adress: 8502 Lannach, Austria
client: Orts- und Infrastruktur KG Lannach
user: Gemeindeverwaltung Lannach
project management: Ingenos ZT GmbH, Gleisdorf
structural consultant: ABES Wagner & Partner GmbH, Graz
electrical concept: Feistritzwerke der Stadt Gleisdorf GmbH, Gleisdorf
construction physics: Rosenfelder & Höfler, Graz
heating/ventilation/ ari conditioning/plumbing concept: Innoplan, Weiz
site supervision: pro3, Graz
usable floor space: 1200 m²
start of planning: 11/2007
start of construction: 07/2008
completion: 10/2009